his last few days

from by Juliet's Happy Dagger



Recorded for the September 8, 2011 Song Fight! www.songfight.org


He knows he should be packing
Cause the time is coming soon
But he just can't bear to put it all away
It seems like he just got here
Now he has to leave again
When he feels like he should be home to stay
Home to stay
Home to stay

He opens up his suitcase
And notes the lack of dust
Wonders if there's something he hasn't tried
But Ohio offers nothing and the army even less
So once again he must prepare to say goodbye
Say goodbye
But he's gonna fly

His last few days at home
Were much like every other day
But he knew that it was just another lie
So he flies into the west
Where we know he'll be the best
When he comes back to us he will be flying
He will fly
No more goodbyes


from The Juliet Project, released August 6, 2011
Brooke Tournoux: vox, lyrics; noah mclaughlin: the rest.




Juliet's Happy Dagger Atlanta, Georgia

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